Not all who wander are lost, some are just looking for cool rocks.

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Introverted, but willing to discuss minerals :)

We have live sales typically once a week, usually on Saturday afternoons on Instagram! We also post flash sales periodically throughout the week. We have several giveaways in every live sale that anyone purchasing is invited to participate in, and we also include a small gift with every purchase. Be sure to follow @thefacetedfern on IG to stay up to date on sale schedules.

Meet the team

  • Emily

    I've been collecting since before I could talk, thanks to my family taking me to The Grotto of the Redemption in Iowa as a baby. I've been hooked ever since .I began this business by making jewelry with crystals and minerals. Then I realized my partner shared the same passion as I did, and together we began our selling journey with The Faceted Fern. Typically I will be the one answering messages, making posts, monitoring flash sales, and packaging your boxes.

  • Paul

    Paul is a full time editor, part time bling slinger. He also began collecting at a young age. He still has his first box of rocks at his childhood home in Texas (that's when I, Emily, knew I was in love with him). Despite his busy schedule he chose to make time for this passion by joining The Faceted Fern with me in 2018. He takes the product photography (those beautiful images on our IG feed), as well as sending your invoices and sharing live sale duties.

  • Pris & Brujo

    The hardest workers of all. They were practically born into the business! Pris ensures quality control while Brujo gives his many blessings to your items before they are packaged. They do thorough inspections of live sale table set-ups and keep us company during our work flow. We wouldn't be complete without them! P.S., It is likely you will receive a cat hair or two in your box (magical fibers of joy and blessings), it is unavoidable!

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Champagne crystals on a beer budget! Product photography by Paul Davila. We own all images, please do not repost without credit or consent.